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Wadden Sea coast, Denmark

LIVING COASTLINE is a site-specific interactive organic installation set in and responding to the natural environment of the Wadden Sea, created collaboratively by Astudio, Computer Sciences at Brunel University, Aarhus School of Architecture and Therapy In Nature for the international Wadden Tide exhibition of contemporary art installations at the Danish Blavand coast. The forces of the tidal rise and fall of the sea levels and the wind work together to change the space over time. Within a reinforced grid of 1,000 wooden poles, multiple spiral dunes created from sand and planted grasses capture the rising tide. At low tide visitors are invited into the installation to shelter from the wind and to explore the developing sea and plant life within the space. Computer Sciences at Brunel University have developed an app triggered by a series of QR codes located at several points within the art work to invite visitors to react immediately to their surroundings by documenting, tweeting or uploading pictures -- and by answering specific questions, developed by Beth Collier of Therapy In Nature. These responses feed into a behaviour study which will over time build a picture of the effects of the space and the natural environment.