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Kate Millen

Environmental Engineer

Kate believes that the best way to improve the environmental design of buildings is pro-actively, through adaptation of architectural design, rather than reactively in the application of engineering systems. Working between two disciplines, Architecture and M&E, allows Astudio to explore the opportunities for optimising environmental performance that lie in meshing together the two, sometimes sympathetic, often contradictory demands of site context and user needs.

An aspiration for projects to be sustainable is now invariably a key element of the project brief; planning authorities expect it, clients often demand it but a specific definition is often elusive. A key part of Kate’s role at Astudio is in interpreting how ‘sustainability’ can best be defined for a particular user on a site and then helping to shape the design response to reflect that concept.

Prior to joining Astudio as an Environmental Engineer, Kate worked at Hoare Lea, a large Building Services consultancy, for 17 years as a mechanical engineer, gaining a broad range of experience in the design of Engineering Systems in buildings, and an in-depth understanding of the interaction of the building, its context, the engineering systems and the users. Bringing that experience to Astudio, Kate is continuing to pursue her interest in these complex relationships, always looking for the simplest, most robust solution to each new project brief.

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