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Estuary View Medical Centre

Whitstable, Kent

This building embodies a unique and visionary concept to bring together both private and public healthcare together in one facility.

By carefully considering the importance of each of the separate elements, and their relationship to each other we were able to combine them in an innovative fashion around a shared central core.  Each half is internally planned around its own set of needs, yet they share key circulation and services to reduce the overall area and burden on the environment.

Drawing on Victorian principles of ventilation, the internal consulting room’s air is evacuated on a regular basis by the coming and going of patients, we studied their timetables for the frequency of visits, to establish an air movement volume.  This air is moved through the building’s central space and is extracted at high level creating a healthier internal environment.

The skin of the building is made from a continuous timber wrap.  This highly insulated façade is reminiscent of the groins on the nearby seafront.  The vertical timber fins are designed to minimise the solar gain on the west facing facades.  With time the timber will age to a subtle silver colour, again reflecting the aged timber on the beaches around.

Project Data:  
Client:  Circle Health Properties/
 Whitstable Medical
Area:   2,200m²
Budget:  £3.2M 
Completion:  2009
Scope:  A-E

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