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Hampton House

New York

This house is a large family home set in the exclusive forested area of the Hamptons. We developed this proposal with Graham Phillips, who is our practice mentor and the Architect of Skywood, from which this house draws its inspiration.

The house is designed to best exploit its context.  The bedrooms face east so the rising sun lights and heats them. The master bedroom suite and the living spaces with their large over sailing roofs shade the large glazed windows and protect from solar heat gain.

The lake is used for naturally cooling the house and the large basement contains heat exchanging equipment and air source heat pumps to provide efficient temperature control when needed. The siting of the house is especially important to insure the greatest sequence of views from arriving at the front gate to the entrance of the house itself.

Minimal use of materials ensures a simple but dramatic interior set of spaces, and by carefully framing the views using the form the rich green location is emphasised from wherever you are in the house. 

Project Data:  
Client:  Private
Area:  600m²

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