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Lijao Office Development


Our proposal for this headquarters office building in China uses the industrial history of its tenant, a port authority, with the context and its needs for control of heat and humidity to provide a unique architecture.

Understanding the ancient principles of Feng Shui, we softened the corners of the tower and set out double and triple height winter gardens to provide natural air movement around these terraces.  The office spaces inside benefit from four gardens at each level that help to bring the green landscape at the base of the tower up through its height.

The facades are designed to work with their orientation, the shading angle and depth changing from face to face. The natural wind direction from the tower runs down the facade and across water located around its base helping to provide natural evaporative cooling to the street level.  The public buildings located around the base sit in the water and use reflection off the surface to add to their already dramatic setting.

As part of a larger masterplan this tower locks into the site wide CHP system to ensure its power and energy use are kept to a minimum and offset against the natural fit of the live work units adjacent.

Project Data:  
Height: 42 storeys
Area: 92,000m²

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