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Refurbishing London


Following on from our case study on Elizabeth House we have looked at a wider context to study the impact of the retrofit thinking on the city as a whole.  

With over 85% of us living in cities by 2050, the challenge that we face is one of retrofitting our original city infrastructure whilst providing modern spaces to suit our new live/work lives.

The city infrastructure has much to offer in allowing upgrades to power provision, public and vehicular movement, building structures and their inherent redundancy of fabric, living technologies and the potential to provide adaptable building skins.  All these subjects are being researched in our studio to set out new ways of thinking to allow a lower impact on resources whilst sustaining a long term move of the population to the city.

We are collaborating with the University of Greenwich and AVATAR to test out our theories on the future city with a view to informing our evolving design philosophy.

Future thinking - deliverable today.  The images here show how our theories on future living in the city will affect London: Building on and around existing structures and linking public realm at roof level to create rooftop parks, bioreactors in the Thames to create fuel, retrofitting existing building structures and inhabited bridges. These ideas in isolation are all possible but we need to think larger than single development sites.

As featured in the RIBA Open Architecture Exhibition 2012

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