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Sheffield Masterplan


Sheffield's rich history as a steelmaking town and the beautiful natural context of this site enabled us to create a masterplan that played to both of these strengths.

Deeply pragmatic, it was designed to allow a phased infrastructure to be built so that the layers of the masterplan are built in sequence.  The layering of the plan also allowed the site to flood as it sits next to the river in a flood plain.  The way the buildings are designed to allow this flooding to different levels dependent upon the severity of the rains produced a flowing organic layout.

The mixed use brief and the landscape created three bands.  The first a linear park next to the river allowed for the first level of flooding, the second band housed the residential zone overlooking the park and the river. The final band was the industrial commercial zone located next to the main access to Rotherham and Sheffield.

The iconic cooling towers are reused by adding a residential wrap around the main structure and a gallery to house a place for art and experimentation, a Tate Modern for the north, providing a striking centre to the whole district.

  • RIBA Cooling towers site competition – third prize

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