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The Weave

Hong Kong

A High Rise Development in the Hung Hom District. This high end residential tower is designed to maximise the plot ratio potential of the site, by building the largest floorplates at the greatest height. The design creates a flexible mix of units to allow the owner to change with the market the way the units are sold or let.

Using the sites orientation, we have developed a contextual form that twists through its height to allow the units to face the greatest long view distances. At the base the units front the main street. The higher units face south towards the harbour and the upper most units get a 360 degree view, meaning the units increase in value with height.

The building rotates its accommodation around a green vertical park of terraces.  These terraces are screened by a series of vertical glass tubes containing Algae.  Waste CO² is passed through the tubes, reacts with the algae, and produces Biodiesel which can be used to power the plant. The building is designed to ensure the highest standards of sustainable design are met and it will achieve a LEED Platinum rating.

The skin of the building uses a metal mesh to shade the internal spaces and varies with its orientation.  This creates a grand woven like form that stand proudly against the common Hong Kong aesthetic.

Project Data:
100m high – 30 storeys
164 units – (15m² – 250m²)
LEED - Platinum

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